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What does South Florida VoIP do?

South Florida VoIP sells services for over 100 telephone and internet services companies to small, medium and large companies. South Florida VoIP is dedicated to taking the confusion out of communications and communications bills for businesses.

South Florida VoIP’s was founded to take the confusion out of telephone service, long-distance and international calling services. We do this by assisting business owners and managers in understanding and lowering their monthly telephone service bills. There are so many confusing programs out there that it is virtually impossible for a business without the resources to have one person solely dedicated to not only understanding all the programs that the 20,000 + telephone companies have. Then they get the bill which by design is almost impossible to understand.


We are paid by the carriers so we don’t charge you a fee

Once you discover how easy it is to let us manager your telecom services you will not have to worry about ever being overcharged again. We make sure you are on the most competitive programs with the best carriers. When you have questions or concerns just call us and we will deal with the carrier and phone system technician. We speak their language so you don’t have too.

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15 years experience guarantees you the best prices!

Call South Florida VoIP today for an audit for your telephone and internet services bills to see if we can help! Our staff of dedicated professionals we evaluate your communications bills for errors and over charges. We will evaluate your needs at no cost to you to see if one of the over 30 carriers we deal with can save you a significant amount of money each month. 

Here at South Florida VoIP we have been providing quality service with no bull pricing for over 15 years. When we find a solution that makes financial sense for your business we will walk you thru the process. Take care of all of the details and make the whole process seamless. We understand that your phone service and internet access are the lifelines of your business.

We are paid by the carriers so we don’t charge you a fee. The only way we can make money is if we can provide you with service for years to come. We understand the products prices taxes and fees of over 400 different telecom companies so you do not have to! One call is all it takes to lower you telecom bills by 10%-35%.


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