We Take the Confusion Out of Telecommunications

VoIP Phone Systems in South Florida

"VoIP." Back when you first heard of it in the mid-'90's, it was something of a mystery. Today, it's everywhere, with the exception of your business. Are you ready to make the switch? Make sure you do so with a company who has helped businesses of all sizes and types seamlessly integrate VoIP phone systems into their lives since the beginning: in South Florida, that company is South Florida VoIP. Call today  (954) 786-8647 or (786) 899-2222 to book your FREE service audit.

Experience Makes the Difference

Hosted VoIP phone service comes in many different options. If you order yours from someone who doesn't understand your businesses needs, you end up with service that doesn't work right. Hunting rollover, placing people on hold, transferring calls , being able to see who is on the phone, etc., all work differently and can send even a seasoned switchboard system operator screaming into the night. At South Florida VoIP, we understand both analog telephone service and VoIP phone service and are experts at setting up what you need, when you need it. Call today in South Florida for service throughout South Florida.

Our Process

When you call South Florida VoIP for your complimentary needs assessment, a VoIP phone system professional will come out and meet with you in person. We typically spent 10-15 minutes going over all the different features and advantages offered by the 20,000+ VoIP services providers we work with. We then determine which features you need, and get you quotes from 5 or more service providers who can meet those needs. Once you make a choice, then we get to work. 

The Installation, and Beyond

Once you have selected a service provider, South Florida VoIP will first check to make sure you have the right cable and jacks to allow the service to work. If you need additional jacks or other upgrades, we provide estimates for what these may cost. We then come out and assist you or your IT staff in installing the necessary equipment, making sure that everything works the way you want it to, and training your staff in how to use the new system. We also install SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks for systems that must serve a wider area. 

Your Internet, Phone, and New Business Start Up with South Florida VoIP

Save your self the hassle of dealing with a sales rep on the phone who just wants to sell you as much stuff as they can. Give us a call we will get you the services you need when you need them.