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Deregulation of the phone companies was supposed to make it easier for people to get the best deal on internet and phone service. Now it's more confusing than ever, and you're fairly certain you're being charged for services you don't need or use. South Florida VoIP is ready to come to your rescue! We've helped hundreds of businesses like yours throughout Southern Florida make sense of their internet and phone service, and get a better deal in the process. Call today  (954) 786-8647 or (786) 899-2222  our team in South Florida today.

"Best effort" vs. "best outcome"

Back in the day, internet service came via a phone line and that was the only choice you had. Now, there are more choices than you can choose from! South Florida VoIP is well-versed in them all, starting with best effort broadband coax or fiber. If checking e-mail, watching some streaming content and playing the occasional online game are all you need from your internet service at work, a "best effort" plan may suit you well. If your business relies on the internet to function on a daily basis, you need something bigger and better. Call today to determine where your business falls, FREE of charge.

The power players

If your business is like most these days, reliable internet service is absolutely necessary. Indeed, many businesses rely on online point-of-sale systems, transfer large files on a regular basis, or have conference calls whose participants span the globe. If this describes your business, call South Florida VoIP for a no-obligation service audit to determine which upgraded internet and phone service would allow you to serve your customers without interruption, and take care of business "behind the scenes" without a hitch, including:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): reliable and economical
  • Metro Ethernet: for optimal connectivity between corporate sites separated geographically
  • Satellite Internet: for fast, reliable internet virtually anywhere in the world
  • Wireless Internet or Wi-Fi: get work done from anywhere, free yourself from your desk
  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching): more expensive, ideal for private Wide Area Networks
  • Microwave Internet: higher bandwidth, lower latency, often with a lower cost 

Call South Florida VoIP to learn about all your options, in terms of cost and efficiency.

Nothing to Lose

You started your business to fulfill a need. Becoming an IT expert was never on your radar, and frankly, you don't want it to be. That's OK, because you can have your very own IT experts at your side, helping you make informed decisions about your internet and phone service, and getting it for you at the best price on the market. Call South Florida VoIP in South Florida today. Since your initial consultation costs you nothing, we're saving you money from the beginning!

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Save your self the hassle of dealing with a sales rep on the phone who just wants to sell you as much stuff as they can. Give us a call we will get you the services you need when you need them.