VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

VoIP comes in many different flavors

To make things worse if you end up order it from someone who really does not understand your businesses needs you end up with service that does not work right. Top that off with the fact the hunting roller over, placing people on hold, transferring calls , being able to see who is on the phone etc all work differently and are sometimes hand set dependant and it can get overwhelming. We understand both telephone service and VoIP and are experts at setting up what you need.

When we come out and meet with you. We spent 10-15 minutes going over all the different features offered by the 20,000+ VoIP services providers. Determine which features you need  get you quotes from 5  or more service providers who can meet those needs.

Once you have selected a service provider we check to make sure you have the right cable and jacks to allow the service to work. Note we also provide estimates for what any upgrades may cost. We then come out and assist you and or your computer people installing everything and make sure it everything works the way you want it to.           

We also do sip trunks


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