Traditional Phone

With so many options, which one is best for your business?

We offer a number of different options for one stop shopping, copper wire service from the huge Telco’s (I LEC,incumbent exchange carrier re: baby bells), Cable companies (triple and double plays), to C LEC (competitive local exchange carrier).

They all have strengths and weakness depending on the services needed and your calling patterns. Specials change monthly, sometimes daily.
Which one is best for your business?

Do you need unlimited calling locally or nationwide? Caller ID?  Deluxe Caller ID?
Hunting rollover? 3 way calling? Call forwarding? Remote call Forwarding? What the difference? RCF #?
All of these items make a difference in your final total monthly cost.

What's with all the fees?... We can help!

The fee’s are different with every service provider as they are government “allowed” fee’s  and taxable in most cases. some are listed below.

  • FCC (ucle) $5.00-$10.00 per line averages $7.00 line in florida
  • PICC (Presubscribed Interlata Carrier Charge) $2.50-$7.00 per line averages $5.00 per lines
  • Federal, State ,County,& City taxes average  12%-16%
  • USF (universal service fund) 4%-8% of the bill including the above fee’s and L/D charges.
  • 911 (goes for 911 systems + handling charge for the carrier) $.50 - $.90 per line
  • South Florida VoIP sends a representative to meet with you personally. One meeting will get quotes that includes estimated taxes and fee’s from a minimum of 3 carriers.



We make sure your installation goes smoothly

We also review the installation process, lead times and cost. Most people are shocked to learn that jacks wiring and final hook up are not included in most quotes for new service. South Florida VoIP always provides an estimate for final hook up so that you can use the service.


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