Call Center Solutions

We offer a number of Call Center Solutions for both Dialer Traffic and Dialed Calls. We have flat rate pricing at less than 1 cent per minute if you have the right 80/20 traffic mix. South Florida VoIP also has a number of rate decks (10) that will allow you computer dialers to determine which carrier to use while saving you money.



In order to recommend what solutions would be best for your company’s needs. We ask you about:

  • How many seats you have at maximum capacity
  • How many call starts per minute
  • Average call duration
  • Short call ratios- most carriers only allow a set maximum % of short calls which are normally calls of 6 seconds or less before applying penalty rates that are cost prohibiting or just blocking your traffic. We understand this and can tell you how to avoid having this happen to you.
  • Billing in either 1 second or 6 second increments- some carriers only bill in full minutes or half minutes. This type of billing gets very expensive in a hurry for call centers that use dialers.
  • Did you know prepaying for your long distance toll calls can save you over 10% in taxes each month? We can explain both post and prepaid to you so you can make the best decision for you company.
  • Brand name and type of dialers, phone system, and/or handset models that you are using. Internet bandwidth- High volume Call Centers need clean, jitter free internet with great latency. You can't get this from DSL or Broadband cable internet as it will fail calls when you get much over 55% utilization.

Thankfully both T1 and Fiber Optic Internet (EOF) are up to this challenge and have seen significant price drops in the past year. With Metro E Fiber Optic or T1 internet connections you can run all day at 95%+ of the speed and never have an issue. We have carriers that can install T1's in 20 days or less and Fiber within 90 days. Some will even install the T1 as a temporary solution until they can install the Metro E over Fiber (EOF).

We also offer Ethernet over Copper (EOC). This class of service offers the faster T1 installation times and faster speeds like 10MB-100MB and can be done in areas that are cost prohibitive for installing EOF.

Since we have relationships with over 100 companies that provide these types of services we will get you service faster than most carriers will directly. We also understand all of our carrier’s credit policies and how to speed things up so you get your services installed faster.

Handsets/Phones- we do not sell handsets but know a number of wholesalers that do at rock bottom prices. We can also explain where the trouble spots are and how to overcome them before you start having them.

Work Station Cabling, single cable run or double? We will explain the pros and cons of both so that you make the right decision for your company. We have relationships with a number of companies that run cat 5, cat5e, cat6 and fiber optic cable at cost effective prices.


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